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Everything you need to know about your new VISA cards.

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This article is part of a collection of articles regarding your free upgrade to an improved Spendesk (Spendesk Financial Services).

Why do we need to replace physical cards?

Account owners or Admins will be able to select which cardholders will need to have their cards renewed with our brand-new cards (free of charge). The banking partner associated with your company's entity will change. Unfortunately, it's not possible to link an existing card to another banking service provider. All Mastercards will be blocked.

Instead, you can provide your employees with Visa cards. There are two main changes to highlight:

  • The Visa cards will have country-specific numbers and will therefore enjoy a higher acceptance rate across a wider set of merchants;

  • They will be Business cards with a wider range of benefits. Your employees will have access to Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services, and in case their card gets lost, a replacement will be provided at no charge within a few days. In the future, we will implement additional benefits.

We want some cards to be delivered at the office, but others to specific addresses, how should we proceed?

You will be able to choose each card's delivery address and update it manually if needed.

Cards can be shipped to: France, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Croatia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

What type of card will users receive?

Our brand new cards will be Visa Business cards.

The card scheme will be Visa and the card processor will be Marqeta.

Will they be UK-issued cards?

Our cards will have country-specific numbers. This increases the acceptance rate of your Spendesk card with more merchants.

What info is required?

Spendesk financial services need a phone number in the card order. This is why you'll have to fill it upon card order (either the user's phone number, yours or a default number).

A delivery address is also required as well as a user name 😊.

When will I receive my new cards?

Your card order will be fully validated in June, and your current cards will remain active until you activate your brand-new VISA cards.

How long will my current cards remain active?

Your current cards will remain active until you activate your new VISA cards. Once activated, the previous card will automatically be canceled.

When is the card order created?

2 conditions:

  • When the AO/Admin finalize the card order;

  • When the first funding has arrived in the Spendesk Financial Services account.

What happens when I activate my new Visa card?

The old Mastercard is cancelled and can be destroyed.

The monthly limit is transferred to the new card, taking into account what was spent in the month.

The card settings are transferred.

The card status is transferred.

There is is no impact on pending transactions.

Can I track my card?

Yes, once the card is shipped, the user can track their card in the Card page (requesters) or on the upgrade page.

Can I order a new card if my card's delivery failed / if I didn't receive my card?

Yes, you can!

Now, not only can you track your card when it is shipped to you, but you can also order a new card if you haven't received it.

What if I am expecting a refund, linked to my former card?

It can be received on the same card on which the payment was made, even if it's been replaced or cancelled.

What happens to cancelled authorizations?

The amount should go back to the card.

How will 3DS payments work after the transition to a new banking partner?

On SFS accounts (= EUR accounts) payments will have to be validated using our Spendesk mobile app. The user will have to log in the app before being able to pay.

What if I asked for a top-up on my old card and activated my new card?

Once approved, it should be transferred to the new card.

What if I don’t activate my physical card on time?

We will cancel your former card at the due date. The Spendesk Financial Services card can still be activated.

How do I activate my card?

1. Go to your Card tab or the card pop-up on your mobile app

2. Click on I received my card

3. enter your card's last four digits

Your card is active and you can use it online, contactless or with PIN from now on! 🎉

Can I edit my card order?

You can update the card addresses before your first wallet funding.
How? Simply click on "Review card order" from the upgrade hub.

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