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🀘 Step 1 : Prepare and validate your payments and payables
🀘 Step 1 : Prepare and validate your payments and payables

In a few clicks, prepare and validate your payments before exporting them into your accounting software.

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This tutorial has two sections and is for Controllers and Account owners:

First of all, go to your Prepare tab to edit and validate your payments and payables (add VAT info, expense accounts, suppliers and other).

1. Check the receipts

If a receipt is missing, you can send a reminder to the requester or discuss it on Slack / by email. You also can upload the receipt yourself.

As a reminder, if the receipt icon is:

  • Green, the receipt is valid.

  • Orange, it is declared as invalid.

  • Red, the receipt is missing.

  • Grey, the receipt is declared as lost.

  • Blue, the receipt is missing but not yet late.

2. Review payment information

When you make a payment, you can review it, check the information provided by the payer (vendor, tax rate, payment type, expenses account) and update it if necessary.

You can now also add several Expense accounts / VAT accounts on Bookkeep 2.0.

If there is no VAT on the payment, please select Exempt.

It is mandatory to fill the VAT and expense accounts, unless you have decided to bookkeep outside of Spendesk or chosen a "dummy" account.

Once you have checked everything, click on the purple button "mark as ready", and your payment moves to the "Export" tab.

🚨 Did you validate it a little too fast? No worries! Go to the tab Export > View. Click on the payment and then click on the red Resend to Prepare button.

3. Be more efficient: use the "group by" function

The "group by" feature allows you to add missing information to a similar group of payments at once. You can group payments by expense type, supplier, expense account or VAT account.

Once you have your payments sorted, select them and click on "Edit Transactions" or "Mark as Ready".

⚠️ Be careful when editing several payments at once, the changes apply to every selected payment!

⚠️ If you mark a payment as ready but that you notice it later in 'Prepare', this might be because you have updated a VAT account or Expense account between the preparation and the Export of the payment. When you update an account, if the payment is in "Export" but has not been exported, it goes back to the Prepare tab so that you can update it.

👉 Now that you have prepared your payments and payables, shall we proceed to step 2: Export your payments?

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