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đŸ“±Submit an expense claim on the mobile app
đŸ“±Submit an expense claim on the mobile app

This article is written for requesters in companies using our feature on mobile app.

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You can easily submit an expense while on the go using your Spendesk mobile app.

Please note that it's not possible to submit an expense claim for somebody else at the moment, this needs to be done from the Requester's profile directly.

How to submit your claim

Tap the + New Request button in your navigation bar and click on Submit a reimbursement.


  • take a photo of your receipt.

  • Tap I'm done if you only have one receipt to send or choose Submit another expense claim to take a picture of another receipt.

And then?

  • Marvin, our automation robot, then scans the details from your receipt to help you fill out your expense claim details,

  • While Marvin is scanning the details from your receipt you can see Under analysis (1) on your home page. If you wish to skip Marvin to fill out all the details yourself, simply click on the expense claim line and manually fill the fields. Otherwise, simply come back a little later.

  • When Marvin is done reviewing the information, simply review the fields he filled out for you (date, amount, supplier) and enter the other fields (description of your expense, team, analytical codes if you have any).

  • Submit your expense claim to your manager by a tap on Submit expense claim.

  • Your manager will be notified to review your expense claim (unless it doesn't require approval).

  • You can see your reimbursement status on the app.

Good to know:

You can also submit mileage claims on mobile! 😊

Edit a request

When part of a request is incorrect, moderators can now invite the requester to edit the request so that it can be resubmitted. This saves time without having to fill in all the fields again.

To edit, go to the Requests page.

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