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🤝 Default accounting values
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⚠️ This feature should only be used if you do your bookkeeping outside of Spendesk, or if an external provider does your bookkeeping for you (e.g. external tax consultant).

Introduction: the what and why behind this feature?

This feature allows you to define default accounting values that will pre-populate the fields in 'Bookkeep>Prepare', so that you can push your payables directly to 'Bookkeep>Export' and then export your purchase and bank journal.

🚒 By using this feature you are sadly not able to leverage the automation features that we provide with our product (e.g. automatic allocation of accounts payables, OCR VAT).

This feature is therefore only relevant for you if you:

  1. Want to do your bookkeeping outside Spendesk and if you do not want to use our bookkeeping workflow on Spendesk ('Bookkeep>Prepare').

  2. If an external provider (e.g. external tax consultant) does your bookkeeping for you.

How to use the feature

👉 Go to 'Settings>Accounting' to define default values for:

  • Expense accounts

  • VAT accounts

  • Employee accounts

  • Supplier accounts

    • Card payables (existed before with the name "Miscellaneous account")

    • Invoice payables

💡 The default values can be toggled on/off individually!

👇 See here how you define the default values in the settings:

How are the default accounting values applied?


  • The default values will pre-fill all accounting data that was not filled before to allow you to bulk-mark as ready all payables so that you can export them afterward directly via 'Bookkeep>Export'.

  • If there is an Autocat rule (supplier X = expense account X) the expense account field is already filled and therefore the default expense account value is not applied.

  • If the VAT default value is enabled, the OCR automation results (VAT data that is read from the receipts) are ignored. If you want to benefit from this automation feature, you need to disable the VAT default value toggle (via 'Settings>Accounting>VAT accounts')!


  • The default accounting information is applied to the corresponding columns for expense accounts, VAT accounts, supplier and employee accounts.

  • The default accounting information is applied to the corresponding columns for supplier and employee accounts!

'Bookkeep>All payables':

  • As for the accounting exports from 'Bookkeep>Export' the default values are also applied to the 'All payables' page and the CSV export from that page.

  • The values are applied if the payables were marked as ready or exported! If the payables are still in the 'Bookkeep>Prepare' tab the default values (as other accounting information) are not shown on the CSV export yet.

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