Most of the time, a single-use card is adequate for your bookings. Though, in certain cases, you might need to request a recurring payments card. Let's take stock!

You need to show the card upon arrival

When you book your travels, prefer e-tickets/mobile tickets and choose to be charged before arrival. Then, you don't have to show your card.
If you still need to, log on our mobile app > Payments > select your payment > click on "Show the card".

👉 Other option: book your travels with a physical card. If you don't have one, ask your manager to order one.

Your booking is cancelled

No worries, even if your virtual card has expired, the refund is still possible. The money directly goes to your company's Wallet.
👉 More details about refunds.

Your card has to be valid at the time of service

Some suppliers require a valid card to charge extra services. As our single-use cards are only valid 30 days, we recommend using recurring payments cards for travels booked more than a month in advance. Indeed, if the card has expired, the merchant can't charge it again and the payment is declined.

You need to pay a deposit

Some suppliers may ask for a deposit upon booking. Use a recurring payments card to cover all your fees.

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