🎳 Attach a receipt on Spendesk

Our easy ways to attach your receipt on Spendesk

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You've made a payment: congrats!

Now, time to upload your receipt to be compliant. 👀

Please note that the maximum size for a receipt on Spendesk is 10 MB, you can compress the file on an online converter if needed 🔧 (type "compress jpg/pdf" online).

👉 Paying with a physical card? Use our mobile app to attach your receipt.

1. Reply to the Payment Confirmation Email

After your payment is made, you receive a confirmation email from us. Reply to it by attaching your receipt. We automatically attach your receipt to the corresponding payment.

2. Manually upload your receipt on your account

  • Go to the Payments tab.

  • Click on your payment.

  • On the right-side panel, click on the button "Upload your receipt". You can drag and drop it as well.

upload your receipt

3. Use Marvin, the Spendesk bot

Marvin, our accounting bot helps you to match your receipt with the right payment effortlessly. Just forward your receipts (PDF or JPG) to the dedicated email address:

To use Marvin, simply forward your PDF receipt to Spendesk via your dedicated company receipt forward email address, it should work something like this: receipts+{yourcompanyid}@spendesk.com

You can always find Marvin's dedicated email address if you're not sure:

  • Head into the Payments tab.

  • Open any transaction.

  • Click on 'Or forward your receipts by email' under the Transaction description.

  • A popup window should open and display your unique email address. This email address is valid across your entire company, not just for yourself. It means a person A can forward a receipt for a person B as well!

You receive a confirmation by email if Marvin manages to link your receipt to a payment, as well as if it fails.

➡️ Make sure that the receipt was added to the right payment! Indeed, once prepared by finance, it's not possible to edit the receipt 🚨

A couple of pro-tips to use Marvin at its best!

  • Your Marvin email is valid for every user of your company.

  • Save your Marvin email address in your Inbox for next time!

  • If you receive your receipts on a specific email address such as billing@, invoices@... or you frequently receive receipts by email from the same supplier, you can create a rule that automatically redirects your emails to Marvin's inbox.

➡️ Make sure that it's in your supplier's habits to only provide 1 receipt per email, otherwise the following receipts will be stored for a few days and you risk a receipt mismatch if another payment of this amount happens.

4. Spendesk mobile app: snap a picture of your receipt.

Go to your payment, and take a clear picture of your receipt with all the visible information.

  • Click on the transaction and complete details related to your payment: name of the supplier, description of your purchase, analytical code if activated, team...

  • Click on Add receipt to submit the payment receipt:
    👉Either by clicking on "Take a picture": you will be able to take a photo of your receipt directly from the mobile app.
    👉Or by clicking on "Choose from the gallery": you will be able to attach a receipt that has already been downloaded to your phone.

Once you have attached the receipt to your expense, you will see the thumbnail image displayed. Save.

  • As soon as all the information has been correctly completed, the transaction moves from the Home tab to the Payments tab, where you can find all your payments (virtual or physical).

As long as all the information is not completed, the payment will remain in the tab Home > My tasks.

Can't provide a receipt?

If the merchant won't give you a receipt, or if you lost it, you still need to report it in Spendesk. Click on the link "Can't provide a receipt" in the payment panel and select the reason.

More information about this here.

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