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🔐 Log in with an email address and password

This applies to all roles (Requester, Controller, Administrator and Account owners)

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Log in via email and password

If you choose to log in with your email address and password, you will have to fill this information every time you log in.

You can :

  • change your password from your Avatar > My profile > password.

  • Reset your password from the Login page, in the right of the "password" field, by clicking on "Forgot?".

Tips to keep your account safe

To protect you, your Spendesk password is stored as encrypted on Spendesk. This means Spendesk doesn’t know your password and it never appears unencrypted in our systems. We have no way to tell you what your password is (but we provide ways for you to change it).

Your Spendesk password is a secret only you should know. You should never share it with anyone else. Our teams will never ask you for your password and you should not disclose it. Sharing your password exposes your account to be used by someone else, which from Spendesk perspective will be seen as the same user, making it impossible to distinguish legitimate vs. suspicious activities on your account afterwards.

Do not write your Spendesk password down on paper or any tool that is not designed for password management. We recommend you to use a password manager (1password is a popular option for example) to help you create and manage strong passwords for your accounts. Please reach out to your IT team within your company for this matter.

Do not re-use your Spendesk password across different services. In the event that one of the services you use is victim of a data breach or another such kind of security incident, your credentials for that service may be stolen and attackers might try to use them to log into other services, including Spendesk, where you would have an account with the same credentials. Using unique passwords for each service you use is an easy way to protect you from this.

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