This article applies to all Roles allowed to use cards (physical or virtual). However your visibility of all the card details might defer depending on your Role or permissions.

Retrieve the card information

It's very easy to retrieve the card information if you have made the payment or are the Account Owner or Controller:

  • In the Payments tab, select the related payment.

  • In the sidebar on the right hand-side, click on Get card info.

Know with which type of card a payment was made

Look at the payment as it appears on the left part of the page in "Payments".

Physical card: a physical card icon will appear next to the payment details (before you click on the payment) next to the supplier.

Single-use card: a card icon with an arrow in the bottom right corner will appear next to the payment details.

Recurring card : a card icon with arrows in a circle will appear next to the payment details.

Carte récurrente

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