Dedicated control settings

As an Admin or Account owner, you can choose to set up your company's physical cards' options with the following, during the card's order, or after it's been activated in the Cards tab.

The starting budget

That's the amount that you choose to load (just once) when you order the card.

A monthly budget

It's the amount chosen to cover one's expenses of the month. It is automatically reloaded at the beginning of each month.


👉🏻 If a user has a budget of 500 a month and only uses 100, only 100 will be reloaded the next month.

Cash withdrawal

If this feature is activated at your company level, you'll be able to choose which cards can be used in ATMs. You can disable it at any time. Any withdrawal comes with a 0.75% fee (in your country or abroad).

More control on cards - Advanced

Depending on your monthly billing plan (Lite or Standard), you might have extra features enabled such as:

  • allowing online payments or not.

  • period of use (days of the week and hours at which the card can be used).

  • spending categories limitations.

Card order view

Cards tab view for More Control on Cards

🚨 Please note that the cardholder's name cannot be edited.

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