✉️ You need a new card

You need a new Spendesk card. Contact your Administrator!

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You need a card (first order)

As a Requester

You will need to ask your Account Administrators (i.e the Account Owner or an Administrator) to order a physical card in your name.

As an Administrator

To order a physical card on behalf of your requesters:

  1. head over to the Cards tab

  2. Select Order a new card

  3. Fill in the cardholder, control settings and delivery address before you confirm.

  4. You should receive that Spendesk card in the following weeks.

It is possible to order a card for an account invited but not confirmed yet.

Once received, cardholders will need to activate their cards from their Cards tab.

📱 Spendesk App:

Don't forget to download the Spendesk mobile app! It's free and makes it easier to retrieve your PIN code when needed, to check your card balance, to top it up, to block it if needed and of course to attach your receipts and fill out payments' details while on the go!

You already have a card

Your current card is lost, damaged, hacked, blocked by entering 3 wrong PIN codes or has been stolen, and you need a new one?

Follow these steps !

  1. Go to the Card tab

  2. Mark your card as lost / unused / damaged...

  3. Contact your Administrator or Account owner.

  4. Ask them to reorder a card for you (free of charge)

  5. Let them know the delivery address if you'd like it to be delivered at home.

  6. Be patient... Your card's on its way!

N.B: if you're an Admin yourself, you can reorder your card directly.

Once you've received your new card:

  1. Learn your PIN code (or change it, if you're on a US card)

  2. Activate Contactless payments by making a payment with PIN Code.

  3. Replace your means of payment on websites you commonly use with your physical card, if online expenses are allowed among your card settings.

    However, we don't advise this as it's best to use recurring cards online.

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