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💵 Activate cash withdrawal on cards

Cash withdrawal is available upon request on Spendesk cards. This article is for Account Owners.

Updated over a week ago

You can use your company's Spendesk physical cards to retrieve cash at ATMs.

Please note that all receipts for cash purchases related to these withdrawals will need to be added to the payment corresponding to the withdrawal on Spendesk.

Example: if I withdraw 400 GBP and make 2 payments of 150 GBP and 1 of 100 GBP with this amount, I must add at least 3 receipts on Spendesk on the '400 GBP' line.

  • First, ask your CSM / Account billing manager to enable the option. Make sure that your billing plan is compatible 😊

  • Then, as the account Owner, you need to activate the Cash Withdrawal feature on each card, either upon order ('enable withdrawal' button) either later in the card's settings.

    Go to Cards > select the card > Settings > toggle on the feature. You can toggle it off if needed by following the same path.

  • The Requester is now able to withdraw cash.

🚨 Withdrawal fees:

Fees of 0.75% per withdrawal with a minimum of €1 will apply, regardless of whether you withdraw cash in your card's currency or in a different currency.

➡️ If your company's wallet is in EUR and that you are withdrawing 10 euros, 11 euros will be charged to your account.

➡️ If your company's wallet is in GBP, but that you withdraw euros, 11 euros + 2.99% currency fees will be withdrawn on your company's account.

Please note that some countries / ATMs apply their own fees on top of your card's withdrawal fees and your wallet's 2.99% fees for currency withdrawals and payments. Therefore, you might end up spending more than :

The withdrawal amount + the 2.99% + the 0.75%,

if you are withdrawing funds in another currency.

💵 Check your withdrawal limits on our dedicated article.

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