What are certified eReceipts?

Certified eReceipts is an add-on feature within Spendesk that digitizes and safely archives all your receipts. This allows you to keep an organized trail of all your payments. You can easily reference original receipt documentation in case of an audit or bookkeeping needs. In addition, dematerializing your receipts allows you to go fully paperless: you’ll no longer need to store paper copies of your receipts.

How does it work?

You and your employees can use our mobile app or desktop login to upload a picture or pdf of your receipt. We will automatically dematerialize every receipt with an official seal and date and safely store your digital documents for 10 years.

Compliance guarantees

We’re partnered with Universign and Amazon Glacier Vaults to ensure our operations are up to the highest legal standards. Universign certifies the authenticity of your receipts, and Amazon securely stores your newly electronic documents in their encrypted archiving system.

If you are working in France, we follow the digitization guidelines of the French Law to guarantee that you no longer need to keep paper versions of your receipts.

Start to use certified eReceipts

Simply, email success@spendesk.com to enable this feature and learn more about the pricing.

Requirements in France to archive digital receipts

We’ve introduced certified eReceipts within Spendesk to help companies become compliant when going paperless.

As of March 2017, the LPF (Livre des Procédures Fiscales) no longer requires French companies to keep a physical copy of their receipts as long as they have a digital copy that has been legally certified. Article A 102 B-2 in the Book of Tax Procedures outlines the rules for the receipt to be compliant, and as such:

  • It cannot be modified

  • It must be saved as a PDF

  • It needs a legal stamp to guarantee its integrity

  • It needs to be stored for at least 6 years (we store them for 10 years)

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