⏸ Block your physical card on the mobile app

A need to block your card temporarily or indefinitely?

Updated over a week ago

For your account's security, you can block your card from the app at any time.

Block your card temporarily

  1. Tap "More"

  2. Tap "My card"

  3. Choose "Block my card" (it will block it temporarily).

  4. You can undo this action.

  5. Any amount loaded before blocking your card will be credited back to your card.

You'll receive a confirmation email:

Block your card and report it as stolen/lost

  1. Tap "More"

  2. Tap "My card"

  3. Choose "Block my card" then once the red message appears, tap "Report card: declare as lost or stolen".

  4. Your card will be deleted and you will not be able to reuse it.

  5. Ask your Account owner or your Administrator to order a new card on your behalf.

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