PayPal is a payment solution you can use with our Spendesk cards. As it's an online service, we recommend using our virtual cards and save them into your PayPal account. That said, you can still use your Spendesk physical card if needed.

If you would like or need to use PayPal, here's how to proceed:

Step 1: generate a virtual card on Spendesk

First, you need to create a card request:

  • Log in to Spendesk.
  • Click on New request > Request a virtual card.
  • Choose a single-use card or a recurring payments card depending on your need and fill your request.
  • Once approved, generate your card.

👉 Depending on your policy, single-use cards might have to be approved. Recurring cards always need approval.

Step 2: add your virtual card on Paypal

  • Log into PayPal with your PayPal credentials
  • Go to your PayPal wallet
  • Select Add a new card.
  • Go back to Spendesk > Requests and copy/paste your card's details on PayPal.
  • Add your billing address on PayPal: we display it under your virtual card on Spendesk.
  • Save.

👉 If it's a recurring card, you won't need to make any edits after it's saved and you can use it multiple times!

Step 3: pay with PayPal and Spendesk

On the merchant's payment page:

  • Select PayPal as a mean of payment.
  • Choose your Spendesk card.
  • Click on "Currency options".
  • If you have a Euro Wallet on Spendesk, choose "Pay in Euro" otherwise as our cards are emitted in the UK, PayPal will charge you in British Pounds and FX fees will apply.
  • Validate the purchase.
  • Et voilà!

⚠️ If you're using PayPal for the first time, they may require a 4-digit verification code. You can find this code in your Spendesk account:

  • Look under the "Payments" tab
  • Select the correct payment
  • Click on "Show Transaction Description" and copy/paste the code.

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