By default, Spendesk users make their purchases by using a Single-Use Card. However, you can use a Recurring Payments card if you are paying:

  • for a recurring service (i.e. a Linkedin subscription or Intercom, etc.),
  • for recurring payments for the same supplier (train tickets, hotel rooms, Apple supplies...),
  • if your card is meant to be charged several times by different merchants for the same payment (ex: on Amazon Marketplace).

Our recurring cards work the following way

  • Recurring Payments cards are valid for a period of 4 years from the date of creation.
  • At the beginning of each month, card budgets are reloaded automatically to ensure that all cards have sufficient funds according to your monthly budget.
  • You can modify your recurring budget at any time according to your spending needs.
  • You can easily pause any recurring payments card, reactivate it, or even remove it whenever you want. To do so, tick the box next to your subscription. Any recurring payment card you remove is permanently deleted.

Use a Recurring Payments card

  • Click on "New Request" > "Request a Virtual Card" > "Recurring"
  • Fill out the request form accordingly
    Don't forget to mention the monthly price (or budget) of your recurring payment. Otherwise, you can set a high budget to encompass your upcoming spending.

👉 For control purposes, approval is always needed whatever your spending policy is or your card's budget is. Recurring cards are valid up to 4 years and give the user the ability to make multiple payments within a given budget that they can amend independently.

Managing yearly subscriptions

For yearly subscriptions, we generally advise using a recurring payments card even if you cannot set up a yearly reload (only monthly reload available at the moment).

After paying with your recurring payments card, once the payment has been settled and appears under the "Payments" tab, you can tick the box matching your payment and select Pause to pause it. It prevents reloading the recurring payments card automatically next month and allowing new funds from your budget to go towards this subscription.

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