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🖇Play by the Rules - Requester : Understand your rule on receipts
🖇Play by the Rules - Requester : Understand your rule on receipts

Understand your Requester dashboard and spending rules with Play by the Rules.

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At Spendesk, our mission is to remove the friction of spending at work and give you autonomy to pay for what you need.

But with great power comes great responsibility: you need to provide receipts and explanations for every purchase you make. That's a legal obligation.

Our new feature Play By the Rules helps you keep track of which receipts needs to be attached and adopt good habits by providing the receipts regularly.

But if you don't follow the rules, then you might lose access to your autonomous method of payments such as new virtual cards and your physical cards. Don't worry, you can always unlock yourself by providing the receipts!

Understand your spending rules

As a Requester, you will have access to a brand new dashboard on your welcome page.

To understand your rules as a Requester, head to the right of the page, and select "How does it work?"

👉🏻 Read carefully how many receipts late you are allowed to have before being blocked.

For your information, an invalid receipt may count in the "rules" as an overdue receipt, but a receipt marked as "cannot be provided" will not count as an overdue receipt.

Understand your dashboard

Your dashboard displays your receipts' status and rules.

Depending on your receipts' status : missing, provided, or late, your dashboard will look different.

Let's take Thibault's example:

Missing receipts

Here, payments were just made.

One receipt almost late

Thibault still has a bit of time ahead.

Late receipts

At this point, Thibault really needs to provide receipts to avoid being blocked.

Blocked account

Thibault has to unblock his requests and means of payment, uploading late receipts.

He will not be able to use his physical card nor virtual cards. However, his active / existing subscriptions will still be running to avoid issues with main suppliers.

Unblock your account

To unblock yourself, simply provide your receipts, or declare your receipts as "Can't be provided".

To provide a receipt, head to your payment, then tap on "Upload a receipt". You can also provide it from the mobile app.

To declare your receipt as "can't be provided", head to your payment, select "Can't provide receipt", select the receipt as lost and sign the declaration:

This document will be legally binding. The option should only be used when the receipt has been truly lost.

Change in your control rules

If your rules are changed by your Finance team, you will receive an email just like this one:

New rules will also be available from your dashboard, by clicking on "How does it work"?

☝🏻 If you had missing receipts prior to the change or rules, new rules now apply only on the receipts of the payments made after the change.

Let's say you're allowed 4 payments with missing receipt in the prior rules, and have 3 receipts late.

If your Finance team changes the rules to a limit of 3 payments late, your account will not be suspended. However, if you end up with 7 payments without a receipt, you will! ➡️

simply upload a receipt to unblock yourself!

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