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🔎 Spend reports & Insights
✨ Use your Spend Trends dashboard
✨ Use your Spend Trends dashboard

Get real-time and complete visibility over company spending (Admins, AO and Controllers)

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👉🏻 The Spend Trends dashboard offers complete visibility over your company payments. You can easily improve spending & cashflow management with actionable insights.


Please note that in order to be able to view the dashboard, you must:

-have funds loaded on your Spendesk wallet

-be an Admin, controller or account owner on Spendesk

Availability (billing plans)

Dashboards are available on SCALE & ENTERPRISE billing plans.

🚀 You're a STARTER or ESSENTIALS billing plan customer and want to access those dashboards? Time to contact your dedicated Spendesk account manager! 😉

Access to the Spend trends tab

To view the Spend Trends dashboard, go to your Homepage and click on Go to dashboards and then on the Spend Trends tab.

Available data on your Spend Trends dashboard

You have access to various information on your Spend Trends dashboard:

📚 List of wallets included in the report (i.e : $Company, EURCompany, DKKCompany...)

📈 Spend History in the past weeks/months

(you can edit the date range in the top left corner)

Spend by team

Find the list of teams on the left of the graph, and the impact they have on spending within the company.

Spend by cost center

Money on cards

📊 Difference between budgets set and amount spend on cards per month

Spot the unused budgets to avoid blocking money on cards (prepaid).

📯 Biggest gap between available funds and spending

Identify the most unused cards and reallocate funds.

🔎 List of current funds on cards vs their budgets

Dig into current cards funds to make sure they are allocated properly.

📢 Physical cards with large difference

Amount spent VS total Card monthly budget

📉 Available funds by physical cards

Check out team members, their card monthly budgets, available funds, last payment and average spend per month.

😴 Unused subscription cards

Check out which cards are blocking funds unnecessarily.

Supplier spend optimisation

Top 30 single-purchase cards suppliers

Top 30 subscription cards suppliers

Top 30 invoice suppliers

Top 30 expense suppliers

📂 Duplicate subscriptions

Use your dashboard

Download information at any time

  • On the second button in the top-right corner of the screen, select "Download".

👀 You can also use Cmd+Shift+D.

  • Choose your export format (i.e CSV or PDF) and format (i.e A0, A4...).

✏️ Note that you can choose to arrange dashboard tiles in a single column.

🗒 View VS Download 🤝

It's possible to open your data as a PDF file in your browser instead of downloading it.

To check the document, select "Open in browser" instead of "Download" after selecting the file format.

Update displayed information

If you need to update the dates or data, it's possible to refresh information using the arrow in the top-right corner of your dashboard, first left on this image:

Download info from a specific board

If you want your report to mention only one graph/analysis, head out to this button next to the board, and click on "download data".

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