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⌂ Approve/Reject a virtual card request (approvers)
⌂ Approve/Reject a virtual card request (approvers)
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Who can approve a card request?

Only Accounts owners and approvers can approve or reject card requests.

Other roles (controllers, admins) cannot unless they are also a moderator.

Card approval depends on the user's approval policy. All card requests do not have to be approved beforehand.


I have an approval policy that allows me to spend 2000 euros per month and 1000 euros per transaction.
I raise 2 requests: one of 1000 euros and one of 2000 euros.

➡️ The first one won't need approval, the second will.

Approve or reject cards

The account owner or team approver receives an email immediately when a card is requested. They will then be able to go to the "Requests" tab in order to validate/deny the requests assigned to them.

Once a request is validated/denied there's no going back for the approver. In the case of a denied card, the Requester must make a new request. However, you can delete a card request (if it's been approved by mistake) as long as it wasn't used.

Account owners can approve or refuse all requests, while team approvers can only approve those assigned to them.

Sick/maternity/holiday leave or changes in the approval flow

If the approver has delegated their rights to another user (from the My profile page) the latest will be able to approve requests that would usually be assigned to the first.

If a request has been submitted before a change in the approval flow, the approver of a request is not updated to match the new approval flow, and the old approver will have to Accept/Deny the request.

Archive a card request

If you no longer intend to use a card, tick the box to its left on the Requests tab and then click on "Archive" from the options at the top of the page.

🚨 You can't retrieve archived requests - they are deleted from the interface.

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