Activation steps

Account owners and users with an Admin role can fund the US wallet.

In order to properly link your US bank account to your Spendesk account, you have to follow these steps :

1. Ask your US bank to whitelist Spendesk (See details to be shared with the bank below). This can take up to 48h and needs to be completed by the bank before moving to step 3.

2. Get your KYB validated (nothing is possible beforehand)

3. Fill in your own bank's details in your Spendesk interface (it will trigger 2 small transfers to their US bank account)

4. When received, after 2/3 days, enter these 2 small amounts in the Spendesk interface (It is called the "penny test" or "micro-deposit test")

5. Initiate the ACH debit of the amount of your choice (3/4 days SLA).

ACH Funding Activation details

If you need to whitelist Spendesk for ACH, the Company ID is:

Originator ACH Company ID: 1020401225
Originator Name: Paymentech
Marqeta ID: 000240066

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