Single-purchase cards are used for one purchase or to buy 1 article only on a marketplace-like website. Since November 14th, 2019 virtual cards are debit cards for most of our EUR and GBP accounts. Our new debit cards start with 5356.

Single-purchase lifespan

Single-purchase cards expire right after the settlement or 4 days after the first banking authorization even if there is no debit in the end. They expire 15 days after the first generation date if they are not used.

Single-purchase cards are valid until the last day of the following month: for e.g., if you generate a single purchase card on September 8th, it will expire on October 31st. You won't be able to use it after then. This is why in some cases (card rental, hotel booking...) it's best to use a recurring card.

Cancellation / Failed transaction

If authorization is cancelled for any reason, there will be no charge. Funds will go back to the company's available account.

Charge is due within 18 days, above this time the authorization is cancelled (32 days in extra-rare cases).


Settlement: a payment is made when the merchant confirms the transaction, usually 1-4 days after authorization.

Request status

A request disappears from the Requests tab after the first authorization was made on the card.

Usually, virtual cards get blocked quickly after they are used.

Small-amount authorizations

In some cases of purchase, the merchant unloads the card with 1 or 2€ to check the card's validity.

Then they reload the card when the check has been made and charge the card with the amount of the purchase.

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