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Quick reminder - what are payables

➡️ Payables represent a company's obligation to pay off a short-term debt to its creditors or suppliers.

What is the 'All Payables' page?

We launched this new page to provide you with all the information of payables and their different bookkeeping and payment status!

In a nutshell - what does this page do for you?

  • The new go-to page to check payable information: a new page that has all the relevant bookkeeping and payment information.

  • Easily searchable & new level of visibility: Visibility on of all your payables regardless of their payment status. Enhanced search capabilities and filters to help you find the data you need!

Access to your 'All Payables' page

To access your 'All Payables' page, go to your 'Bookkeep' and then to 'All Payables'.

What are the main components of the 'All Payables' page

  1. Filters & search

  2. Main table

  3. Download selection & reporting

Filters & search

We inserted some powerful filter and search capabilities into this page. This should enable you to find in speed of light your desired payable information!

You can filter...

  • by receipt (provided, not provided, missing)

  • by period

  • by payable type (card purchase, invoice, expense claim, mileage, per diem, credit note, refunds)

  • by bookkeeping status (to prepare, to export, exported)

  • by payment status

  • by cost center

You can search...

  • by supplier name

  • by description

Main table

What is actually displayed on this page?

  • Card payments are displayed after their settlement

  • Expense claims once they are validated in 'Expense Claims>Review'

  • Invoices once they are validated in 'Invoices>Review'

By clicking on the payable you will get additional information on the payable level:

  • Receipt status

  • Transaction description (sent by the merchant)

  • Description

  • Details (team, cost center)

  • Accounting (accounts payable, expense account, VAT account)

  • Payment status (to pay & paid, to reimburse & reimbursed)

  • Bookkeeping status (to prepare, to export, exported)

Download selection & reporting

For your reporting purposes it is possible to download a selection of payables from the 'All Payables' page.

Selection of payables:

By ticking the box on the left hand-side you can make a selection of payables or you can select all payables by clicking on the tick-box on the top of the table. If you need a specific selection of payables, please make use of the filter or search options!


After the selection of payables the button "Download selection" will appear which allows the download of the .CSV file with all the available payable information (see below the list of all available columns).

In the .CSV file we will find these columns:

  • Payable reference

  • Payable date

  • Accounting date

  • Payer

  • Supplier

  • Description

  • Account payable

  • Expense account name

  • Expense account

  • Tax account name

  • Tax account

  • Total amount

  • Net amount

  • Tax amount

  • Currency

  • Local total amount

  • Local currency

  • Cost center

  • Team

  • Type

  • Invoice number

  • Transaction description

  • Paid status

  • Bookkeeping status

  • Due date

  • Your custom field values

What the future holds - evolution of the 'All Payables' page

The 'All Payables' page is going to replace the 'All Payments' page in the mid-term. For now, you will have both pages in the 'Bookkeep' tab until we offer also the edition of data on the 'Payables' page.

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