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Secured login (SCA)
☎ Strong customer authentication (SCA) on mobile
☎ Strong customer authentication (SCA) on mobile

Safely authenticate on mobile.

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Due to PSD2 requirements, all Spendesk users must now secure their access to Spendesk mobile app.

Check out our SCA article for more legal context!

👉 If you have any problem with this feature, feel free to check the second part of this article or contact our team via chat :)

Secured mobile authentication flows

After closing the app or after 60 seconds of inactivity, you will be asked to authenticate.

Here's a recap of authentication flows to make you understand in which cases and how you can secure your account in 2 minutes!

4-digit code authentication

You will be able to choose a code. This security code will be required every time you need to authenticate unless you choose another way (see below).

  • Biometric authentication

    If the device has biometric capabilities (and if you have authorized them in the app), the biometric authentication will be prompted as soon as the screen is shown, the biometric icon will appear on bottom left (a clic on this icon will prompt the biometric authentication).

  • You can disable it by reinstalling the mobile app.

Secured access issues (code forgotten or account blocked)

  • Forgotten code

    If you forget your code, you can click on "Code forgotten" . A pop-up will appear to let you know that you will be logged out, your code reset, and that you only have to log in again to create a new security code.

  • Invalid code and account blocked

    If you enter an invalid code 3 times in a row, your connection to the app will be blocked for 1 hour. You can't be unblocked: you will have to wait for 1 hour, and only at that moment you will be able to enter a valid code or reset the security code. Support teams will sadly not be able to assist you if this happens. If you forget your code, use the "Code forgotten?" option above to avoid being blocked.

  • Change your security code when logged in from the app

    In the settings ( More > Profile), you can access the "Change security code" page. By clicking on this page, a pop-up will appear informing you that you will be logged out, your security code will be reset and you will only need to log in again to create a new security code.

  • Phone lost

As long as you have not enrolled on a new device, the notifications will be sent to the older device. The recommandation in that case is to enroll on a new device as soon as possible.

  • How many active devices can you have?

Every user can only have one active device enrolled. If you enroll a new device, then the older one will be un-enrolled. In that case, when opening the app on the older device, you will see the enrollment flow again.

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