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🧰 Legal framework : secure your access to Spendesk
🧰 Legal framework : secure your access to Spendesk

Why we are securing Spendesk access and transactions.

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Why are we securing your access?

Legal framework

A new European payment regulation (PSD2 - Payment Services Directive 2) went into effect on the 14th of September 2019, and the European Banking Authority required that the following should be fully enforced.

One of the major implications of PSD2 is the focus on improving payment security by emphasizing strong customer authentication (SCA). 

PSD2 requires Strong Customer Authentication for:

  • Access to transaction information (every 90 days)

  • Payment validation

How does it apply to Spendesk?

  • SCA every 90 days to access all transaction data on Spendesk website (Account Owners, Controllers, Admins)

  • SCA for wire transfers initiated from Spendesk website - only for Account Owners for now.

  • SCA when opening the mobile app (for every user)

Who is impacted?

Even if it's mandatory only for Europeans, we decided to extend it to all our markets as it drastically improves the security of our platform.

👉 If you have any problem with this feature, feel free to contact the team at

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