This use-case only applies to Account Owners, and expense claims wire transfers (Reimburse from Spendesk).

Step 1: Download the mobile app and create a secured access

Head to your App store or Play Store and type "Spendesk". Download the app and log in via email, Google, Microsoft or SAML-SSO.

You can also click on this button:

Step 2: Settings tab, to activate the wire transfer feature!

Head to Settings > Billing and click on the corresponding button to activate the wire transfer option. Only account owners have access to this feature.

Step 3: Mobile enrolment

Already enrolled user

If you have already created a security code on mobile, the "Reimburse for Spendesk" is immediately activated.

User yet to set up mobile security

If you aren't enrolled, we'll display a screen asking you to download the app and to create a security code. You can't activate the feature if you don't enrol.

Step 4: Confirmation of activation from desktop version

Once you have set up your security code, you can click on "I have set up the app". Then, the feature will be enabled.

If you haven't, we'll display an error message when you click on "I have set up the app".

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