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Understanding Spendesk's Mileage Calculation (German market)
Understanding Spendesk's Mileage Calculation (German market)
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Navigating mileage expenses can be tricky, but with this guide, you'll grasp Spendesk's approach to mileage calculation, ensuring clarity and accuracy in your reimbursements.

Spendesk aligns with the German government's official rates as the basis for its calculations (Source).

Reasons for variation between estimated and final amounts

  1. if mileage thresholds are reached during the claim approval process.

  2. Rate changes occurring during the claim approval process (from german rates to custom rates for example)

  3. Compensation for rate changes implemented during the year ⬇️

Compensation for Rate Changes

When annual rates are updated on the FR, UK, DE markets, retroactive adjustments are made to reimbursements for claims made since the beginning of the year.

Compensation for rate changes is reflected in subsequent mileage claims until one of them is approved, after which reimbursement returns to normal.

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