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👩🏻‍🏫 You suspect a fraudulent payment
👩🏻‍🏫 You suspect a fraudulent payment

You don't recognize a transaction, or are sure a fraudulent payment was made with your card?

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This applies to all Roles on Spendesk.

You have been a victim of fraud, suspect that you are, or you suspect that your company is? We are so sorry to learn about this.

Support teams will provide you with all the needed assistance until the potentially fraudulent transactions are refunded back to your account (if eligible).

If you believe to see a fraudulent transaction on your account,

  • block / disable / pause the card temporarily through the Cards tab by clicking on "Block this card" on the web interface or by clicking on "Pause my card" on the mobile app.

  • The funds charged on your card will automatically be transferred to your Spendesk account. This action is reversible.

  • Contact the merchant with whom the transactions were made to request the cancellation of the transactions in question.

  • Contact our teams (support@spendesk.com) with all the facts and details of the suspicious transactions so that we can investigate and, if necessary, request a refund from our Banking Partner.

  • You might have to fill a form for the Spendesk compliance team. This happens when the merchant didn't reimburse you upon request in the 3rd step for example.

  • Support teams will send the form to our banking partner so they can investigate and decide whether there should be a refund.

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