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💰 Reimburse your expense claims by wire transfer directly with Spendesk

This feature can be activated on Settings > Company Settings > Payment methods.

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Important: The daily limit is 100K EUR/GBP per entity. We are working on raising this limit.

As a Controller or Account owner, go to Expense claims > Schedule reimbursements and select the employees you want to reimburse. Then:

Choose an execution date

  • Pay today: by default, the selected expense claims have an execution date on the current date. As soon as the Account owner confirms, it's executed the next morning by our banking partner.
    👉 When will the beneficiary receive the transfer?

  • Pay later: you can schedule a transfer for a later date by selecting a custom execution date in the future. Once confirmed by the Account owner, the transfer is executed on the selected date.

Choose to reimburse from Spendesk or your bank account

  • From Spendesk: by default, the selected expense claims are reimbursed from Spendesk, using the funds available in your wallet. Please note that as an account owner, you will need to have your telephone number added to Spendesk to confirm a transfer.

  • From your bank: you can still reimburse your employees by making a wire transfer from your bank account, instead of Spendesk. For this choose XML or CSV reimbursement.

When you choose to reimburse "From Spendesk", the Account owner is notified by email and has to confirm the refund from Expense claims > Confirm.

In order to receive the confirmation code when confirming the transfer, the Account owner will have to add their phone number to Spendesk.

🚒 If you have already chosen the XML/CSV option to pay, confirmed it and then change your mind, unfortunately it is no longer possible to choose payment "by transfer from Spendesk". You will have to manually process the XML/CSV batch on your bank account.

Good to know:

👉 You are based in the SEPA region and have a Euro Wallet? Add your employees' bank details and download an XML SEPA file if you prefer not to use Reimburse Via Spendesk.

As long as the execution date is not reached, you can still cancel the wire transfer from Expense claims > History.

Not enough funds on your Wallet?
The transfer is very likely to fail. Add funds to your Wallet before scheduling your reimbursements.

⚙︎ Note that if you disable the expense claim module, controllers will still have access to the tab and its history (Expense claims > History).

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