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😵 Your card is lost/stolen/damaged

Don't panic if you notice that your card is lost, damaged or has been stolen. Just read this article!

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Don't worry! You can pause/block your card, depending on the case, in just one tap.

👁👁 If you have lost your card and phone (so that you cannot block your card) ask to borrow a phone and let us know on +33 1 82 88 05 10 (only for this type of situation), OR ask an admin to block your card.

In the Spendesk app:

  • Head to 'More' > 'My card' page.

  • Tap on Block my card. This will put your card on hold, you can un-pause it at any time.

  • Tap on Report an Issue to declare your card as lost, stolen or damaged.

From the desktop interface:

  • From your Spendesk account, head over to the Card tab.

  • Click on Block this card to put your card on hold (you can un-pause it at any time).

After you've blocked the card, you can report it as lost, damaged, unused or stolen if you need:

  • Select the card you've just blocked.

  • In the sidebar on the right-hand side, select Report an Issue.

  • You can then report the card as Lost/Stolen.

Now that you've reported the card as lost, you'll need to ask your Account Owner or the Administrator to order a new card for you! 🙏

More information:

Suspending a card can be undone at your convenience.

However, if the Account Owner or Administrator decide to block your card, they are the only ones able to unblock it.

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