Custom fields on Spendesk

You can now add custom fields to better analyze your spendings.

You can choose the custom field's name, and it is possible to add several custom fields with multiple values.
These will be included in your export file after you have added the custom field's column on your custom export in Settings > Export.

Set up custom fields

  • Go to the Settings > Custom fields page.

  • Reach out to your customer success manager or support team to activate this feature and to create your first custom fields.

  • Choose if it's mandatory to fill it before export or not.

  • Choose which roles can add a custom field value (Admins, Controllers, Requesters, all or some of them)

  • Choose which roles can see custom field values

  • Choose if it applies to all teams or just some

  • Choose if it applies to requests, subscriptions, expense claims, payments or all / some of these.

☎ Note that on the mobile app, the field will be asked after the payment for payments made with physical cards.

We usually sort values by alphabetical order :

However, if you want your custom fields to be in a specific order, simply add numbers at the beginning of the value!

Edit custom fields

If you need to edit the custom fields set up on your account, reach out to your CSM or your support team.

☝️Payments in the "To Prepare" tab will lose the information filled if you edit custom fields or values before their export.
☝️Payments already exported will keep the information filled.

Edit custom field values

Go to Settings > Custom fields.

Click on the "x" to delete a custom field.

Click on Add a new item to create a new value.

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