Transfer your tools and services subscriptions to Spendesk, so you have a global overview of your annual costs. You can also better manage your cash flow.

How do our recurring/subscription cards work?

Our recurring payments cards are virtual cards set up with a monthly budget. Once generated, add your card's numbers onto the merchant's website, and the payments are processed every month.

👉Request a virtual card

How are they loaded?

Every 1st day of the month, we automatically load your recurring payments cards and your physical cards before anything else. To foresee your budget, you can check your Wallet details: Settings > My Wallet > Overview.

If your Wallet balance is too low to cover the costs, we show a red banner on the Subscriptions tab.

👉 Load your Wallet

Where can I view my subscription card?

If you have viewed the card numbers at least once, you'll find your subscription card in the Subscriptions tab.

If you haven't checked the card's details yet, you'll find the card in the Requests tab.

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