What's a pending transaction?

When you make a payment, the merchant will always process the transaction in two steps:


Keep in mind that this nominal payment is not a debit. Merchants use it to check whether your card is valid and sufficiently loaded with funds.

A new payment line should appear under the Payments tab in Spendesk, as a “pending transaction”.

Amount charged or cancel

If the amount is charged correctly, the payment line will appear under your payments of the month.

Otherwise, the payment is cancelled by the merchant and the related payment line will stay in the Pending Transactions section temporarily. The authorization is left to expire.

Keep in mind that it can take up to 18 days (most cases) or 32 days in rare cases for a transaction to expire which is why you are seeing it in the Pending transactions.

About Payment Authorizations:


When it comes to deposits, merchant take a card imprint.

In Spendesk, you will notice a new Pending transaction line on your account.

Once the service has been paid for, the funds will be released and the related pending transaction will expire.

🚨. Once a merchant has taken a card imprint or charged your card, Spendesk isn't able to cancel the transaction: it's being processed by the supplier and they're the only ones able to cancel it.

We advise you to contact the merchant if needed. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you require any additional detail about any specific transaction.

Paying at an automatic gas station / fuel pump

When you try to pay at an automatic gas station, you may see that a much higher payment may appear under the Payments tab.

You won't be debited for what you didn't pay. The extra amount you see is linked to the specific way automatic petrol pumps deal with a payment:

  • When you use your card at an automatic gas station, the merchant always checks that your card is sufficiently loaded with funds. They make an authorization request. Since the machine doesn't know in advance what you will really spend, the authorization is very often much higher than what you will be charged in the end.

  • In Spendesk, the authorization appears in real time, in the Payments tab > Pending transactions section.

  • The merchant then charges your card with the real amount of your payment.

  • In the Payments tab, the payment will appear in the payments of the month section with the correct amount.

  • As soon as the authorization expires (which can take up to 18 days, legal delay granted to the merchant) the funds that were blocked by the merchant are released and back on your account. You'll be notified via e-mail.

This works the same way when paying for taxi companies. 🚕

Information display

Spendesk works like some bank accounts.

We display the following transactions:

  • Transactions being processed or refused by the merchant show up under the "Pending Transactions" section of your Payments tab.

  • Transactions that were charged by the merchant show up under the Payments of the month section of your Payments tab.

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