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🔍 Understand FX fees

When making a payment in a different currency on Spendesk, fees will apply.

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This article is for all Roles on Spendesk making payments / controlling payments.

FX fees

2.99% FX fees will be applied to any transactions made in a different currency than the one on your default Spendesk account (i.e. EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, NOK, DKK).

The conversion rate applied is the one used by Mastercard. Be aware that the transaction date is the one displayed on your payment.

To check that there is no error in our calculation or any extra fees wrongly imputed to you, you can use Mastercard's official website to obtain the final billed amount.

Avoid FX Fees

You can talk to your customer success team about the volume of spend you currently have on Spendesk to lower the fx fees / delete them. You will have a chat to edit your subscription fix price including your needs and volume of spend abroad.

Paypal fees

In most cases, Paypal will recognize your card as being UK-issued.

This is why they are likely to charge you in GBP, resulting in fees if your company's account is not in GBP. To avoid this, go to this page.

Withdrawal fees

If you have a Spendesk physical card and that your Account Administrator authorized cash withdrawal, 0.75% per withdrawal is applied whether you withdraw cash in a different currency or in your card's currency.

👉🏻Controllers and Account Owners

You'll be able to find a calculator accessible in your Wallet details.

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