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Failed payments
♾ Your payment failed for insufficient funds
♾ Your payment failed for insufficient funds
A quick workaround to get your payment settled!
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If your single-use virtual card does not have sufficient amount of funds to make a payment you need to:

  • Go to "Requests" tab

  • Delete the previous request

  • Click to create a New Request, this time requesting a higher amount making sure there will be enough funds to cover the payment. If the payment is in another currency, add 6% to the budget to make sure there is no issue (normal currency fees should be 2.99%).

If your recurring virtual card runs out of funds for an upcoming purchase:

  • Go to "Subscriptions" tab

  • Click on subscription in question

  • On the right side panel scroll till you see "Action" button

  • Click on "edit monthly budget".

  • Make sure that monthly budget > purchase to come.

If your physical card runs out of funds, request a top-up from the Avatar tab > Physical Card (Admins or Account Owners), Card (other roles) or My Card (on mobile).

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