🇺🇸 Step 2: who can confirm a transfer from Spendesk?
Expense claims: check who's allowed to reimburse an employee from Spendesk directly.
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Once a Controller schedules some reimbursements from Spendesk, the Account owner can see all expense claims waiting for confirmation in Expense claims > Confirm.

From that tab, they can see the reimbursement details before they choose to approve or decline the pending transfers.

As soon as an expense claim is validated in Expense Claims > Plan reimbursements and goes to Expense claims > Confirm, the account owner is notified by email.

Confirm a transfer

To confirm a transfer, the Account owner is asked to enter a confirmation code sent to their security phone number.

⚠️ You can edit your security phone number on Avatar - My profile.

The transfer is executed as follow:

  • Once confirmed by the Account owner, the transfer is executed on the execution date.

  • If the execution date is the current day or in the past, the transfer is executed the next morning by our banking partner. The beneficiary will be reimbursed within a few days (usually 4-6).

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