Once a Controller schedules some reimbursements from Spendesk, the Account owner can see all expense claims waiting for confirmation in Expense claims > Confirm.

From that tab, they can see the reimbursement details before they choose to approve or decline the pending transfers.

As soon as an expense claim is validated in Expense Claims > Plan reimbursements and goes to Expense claims > Confirm, the account owner is notified by email.

Confirm a transfer

To confirm a transfer, the Account owner is asked to enter a confirmation code sent to their security phone number.

โš ๏ธ You can't edit your security phone number, we have to do it on your behalf. If necessary, reach out to our Care team directly from the Need help? tab in your account.

The transfer is executed as follow:

  • Once confirmed by the Account owner, the transfer is executed on the execution date.

  • If the execution date is the current day or in the past, the transfer is executed the next morning by our banking partner. The beneficiary will be reimbursed within a few days (usually 4-6).

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