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📂 FAQ - Budgets, Sub-budgets and Cost centers
📂 FAQ - Budgets, Sub-budgets and Cost centers

All the answers to common questions in 1 document!

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Can we download/export budgets ?

Yes! Follow this article.

Can we split a purchase on several expense accounts?


Are cost centers available on the Essentials billing plan?

Yes, they are!

Can we track a budget through different entities?

At the moment, each entity has their own budgets and sub-budgets.

It is not possible to ‘split’ a budget within different Spendesk accounts.

You might however want to add the results of all entities in one unique file if you are using the same cost center name in multiple entities. You can also use the Dashboards > Spend trends > Spend by cost center since by default the report includes multiple entities at once.

What’s the difference between the way data is handled on dashboard and the All payables tab?

None! Indeed, if you are tracking information on the dashboards, you will see only the “used” (payment has been made) — if you are tracking information on All payables, by Cost center, it is also not possible to export the committed yet.

Tell us more about the naming of budgets:

The name of a budget = the name of a cost center, after defining a budgetary period.

How do we know the “Used” amount of a budget? (2 ways)

If you sum up the amounts next to the expense categories, they correspond to the “Used”.

Otherwise you can just fly your cursor over the purple bar named “Used” on this page.

The committed can be checked by flying your cursor over this bar as well:

How do we know if a sub-budget has been set up?

Next to the expense categories, you will see a bar with the used, committed and available. If you look at the previous screenshot (question 7), there were no bars, so no sub-budgets defined.

What are the periods we can choose for budgets ?

At the moment, the options are Global or per month.

If you choose the first one, collaborators will only see the global amount, otherwise they will see the detail per month.

Do we calculate budgets with taxes?

We don’t - we ask budgets' amounts without taxes and we do the calculation of the budget consumption without taxes as soon as we are aware of the amount of the taxes (thanks to our OCR or when a manual entry is done by the user).

What is the difference between the committed and the used?

Committed is when a spending request is approved by managers. We're close to be sure that this will impact the budget, we consider it as incurred on the budget.

Used is a spending that occurred (ex: a card payment) or that will occur (validated by Finance teams in Review). Once a spending is considered as used, we are 100% confident that it impacts the budget.

Can we see the details of payments/payables if we check the used/committed sections?

Yes, you can.

You can check each one with the supplier, amount... Click on the section you'd like to check!

As an approver, can we see how much was used on the budget before approving an expense?

Yes, if you click on the request, the details/jauge are available on the right.

An AO, a controller, a budget owner or an approver can see it in the Requests tab.

Should we be able to delete budgets? Sub-budgets?

It is not possible per se: it is partly possible by deleting the cost center or expense category of your choice.

If we create a cost center, where will it be visible?

You'll see it on the Budgets page and the Cost center page. Also, you’ll see it attached to requests/payments once people make a request under this cost center. You can of course set up a cost center by default on users' profiles.

What will the information on the previous question allow me to see?

The used, the committed and the available budget.

Can we see sub-budgets in the Requests tab as an AO/controller/approver/BO?

Yes, in the Requests and the Budgets tab (approvers don't have access to the Budgets tab, however).

Who can download the file meant to set up a budget/sub-budget?

The AO and Controllers only.

What happens if we don’t fill the xlsx file properly?

You'll be told if the file does not meet the requirements (error message "cannot be read" will be displayed).

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