👥 About physical Cards and Approval Policies

Account Administrators (Account Owner or Administrator) have set up your approval policy. You can find yours in "My profile" settings.

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Your approval policy applies to one or several payment methods, depending on your approval policy.

For more information about approval policies, please follow this link.

How your approval policy applies to your physical card

Let's take this example.

A Requester has an approval policy of €50 per transaction and €500 per month. They have a physical card with a monthly budget of €3000 that has been approved by an Administrator.

If the monthly card budget has been fully used by the end of the month and/or if the member needs to spend more than the predefined budget to make a specific purchase, then they can request a top-up.

In this case, the approval policy is as follows: if the top-up request is less than €50, it will be automatically approved, otherwise it must be approved.

The same applies to the monthly budget limit: the requester will be able to make a maximum of ten top-ups of €50 without any validation. Any top-up request above the monthly limit will have to be approved by a manager.

Keep in mind:

If a monthly budget wasn't set up by an account Administrator on your physical card, don't worry, it just means that you can use your physical card doing only top-ups.

Load limits

Do not hesitate to check your card's load limits.

If a card's loading limit has been reached or is about to be reached, topping it up may not be possible.

It can be a daily, monthly (1-31st of the month) or yearly limit.

You can check this info with our support team. If necessary, we will advise you to replace your card.

  • Virtual cards can be replaced by Requesters themselves.

  • Physical cards need an Admin to reorder the card (1-3 weeks expected delivery).

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