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📁You need a funding transfer receipt

Do you need a receipt to justify funds transfers to Spendesk?

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As a Controller or Account owner, you will need to consider Spendesk as a bank account: whenever you make a wire/card transfer to your Spendesk account, it's similar to a transfer wired from one account - (i.e. your business account) to another (i.e. your Spendesk account).

➡️ You'll find the related transaction entry in your monthly account statement. If you would like to download it:

  • head over to Settings > Your wallet > Account statements.

  • In the Download column from there, click on the arrow and then on the chosen export format, .csv or .pdf.

You will also find the account load on the bank journal.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our support in the in-app chat or directly to support@spendesk.com, should you have any question.

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