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🧙‍♀️Pro tips to avoid fraudulent payments
🧙‍♀️Pro tips to avoid fraudulent payments

You have already had fraudulent payments made with your card, or want to know how to protect your card?

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➡️ This applies to all users on Spendesk who own a personal Spendesk physical card.

Our physical card owner's "good practice" guide

  • Never share your card details with a colleague / friend / family member / partner

  • Do not share a card within the team. Spendesk doesn't charge you for a card nor for shipping so every Spendesk member can have their own card.

  • Use as many single-use cards as you need to keep your card only for physical payments.

  • Retrieve cash (if you have this option activated) only in ATMs from known banks.

  • Check your last payments every few days if you haven't enabled notifications.

Online "secure" behavior

  • Prefer to use websites with 3D-secure activated, or a single-use card if you're not sure about a website. In case of a doubt, contact support@spendesk.com to check if a website is legit.

  • Avoid saving your card details on a website.

  • Do not pay on a phone call. In most cases it won't work anyways 🙏

Let us know if you suspect a fraudulent transaction and block your card (at least temporarily) in the meantime!

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