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😶 You didn't receive a refund on your Spendesk card
😶 You didn't receive a refund on your Spendesk card

You asked a merchant for a refund and he approved, but you can't see the refund on your Spendesk account.

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There are several factors to take into account when claiming a refund.


Once the merchant has proceeded to a refund, it takes from a few days to a month for the amount to appear on your Spendesk account. Past this delay, we advise you to contact the merchant to ask for the transaction details so we can have a look at it.

Reimbursement owner

The reimbursed amount will appear on the account of the member who proceeded to the initial payment.

👉🏻 If the card was a single-use card, the amount will be transferred back to the Spendesk wallet of the company, but under the member who made the payment's name.

Card status

☝🏻 We might need to refresh your card/account to be able to view the refund on the account and account statement sometimes.

If you notice a missing refund long past the delay, reach out to the support team, we will refresh your card.

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