Only Accounts owners and Team approvers / Cost center owners (and co-owners if they're in the approval flow of the cost center) can approve or reject expense claims requests. Approvers don't have their requests self-approved unless their spending policy says so.

Approve or reject expense claims

Every week, you receive a notification about pending expenses waiting to be reviewed. You can also approve or reject any expense claims from our mobile app!

  • Go to Requests > To approve,

  • Select the expense you'd like to review,

  • Review the information provided,

  • If needed, amend the description and/or any other information.

  • Click on Edit amount to reimburse if you'd like to review the amount to be reimbursed.

  • Accept the expense by clicking on Approve Request.

  • Decline the expense by clicking on Deny Request. You should be able to provide a reason for this denial. A weekly email will be sent to the member who submitted the expense, notifying them of their expense's status.

If accepted, they will appear in the Expense claims > To review tab. Controllers and Account owners can now review and reimburse them. Once reimbursed, accepted expense claims move to Payments for bookkeeping.

If a request is accepted by another member in the approval flow or by the account owner, it is not visible in "To approve" anymore for the approver.

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