✅ ❌ Approve or reject an expense claim - AO & Approver only

for Account Owners and Approvers

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Only Accounts owners and Team approvers / Cost center owners (and co-owners if they're in the approval flow of the cost center) can approve or reject expense claims requests. Approvers don't have their requests self-approved unless their spending policy says so.

Approve or reject expense claims

Every week, you receive a notification about pending expenses waiting to be reviewed. You can also approve or reject any expense claims from our mobile app!

  • Go to Requests > To approve,

  • Select the expense you'd like to review,

  • Review the information provided,

  • If needed, amend the description and/or any other information.

  • Click on Edit amount to reimburse if you'd like to review the amount to be reimbursed.

  • Accept the expense by clicking on Approve Request.

  • Decline the expense by clicking on Deny Request. You should be able to provide a reason for this denial. A weekly email will be sent to the member who submitted the expense, notifying them of their expense's status.

  • It is now also possible for approvers/finance teams, when part of a request (invoice or expense claim) is incorrect, to invite the requester to edit the request so that it can be resubmitted. This saves time without having to fill in all the fields again.

    To edit your request, go to the Requests page.

If accepted, they will appear in the Expense claims > To review tab. Controllers and Account owners can now review and reimburse them. Once reimbursed, accepted expense claims move to Payments for bookkeeping.

If a request is accepted by another member in the approval flow or by the account owner, it is not visible in "To approve" anymore for the approver.

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