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⤵📨 You didn't receive your card

Your Account owner or Admin ordered a card but you still haven't received it? Let us know.

Updated over a week ago

Physical cards' delivery time usually ranges from 1-3 weeks.

If you haven't received your card within that time slot :

  • check with the Administrator (or Account owner) the delivery address mentioned at the card's order.

  • Check the order's date.

  • Ask your administrator to cancel the card on the Cards tab, (by marking it as lost or unused) and to reorder it.

  • Make sure the delivery address is complete (floor, apt number if delivered home, stairs...) before you confirm.

  • Let us know if you still haven't received it after this second try, please log in here to contact our team via chat. We will respond to your request within 10 minutes. 😊

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