💳 Activate your physical card

Learn how to activate your personal physical card on Spendesk.

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First of all, please be aware that:

  • administrators can only activate their own card and not those of other employees.

  • if the requested numbers do not work during activation, it is possible that 2 cards were ordered for you (one of which was deleted) and that you are trying to activate the wrong one.

You've received your Spendesk physical card? Here's how to activate it:

From Spendesk.com

  • after logging in, click on the Card tab.

  • Click on I received my card.

  • By default, you should receive your PIN via text message on your phone. If you haven't added your phone number, please make sure to complete your profile beforehand (Avatar > My profile > Security phone number).

👉🏻 If you are an Administrator or account owner, click directly on your Avatar at the top right of the page, then click on the Physical Card tab to activate your new card.

Activate your card from Spendesk mobile app

  • tap on the My Card tab.

  • Follow the instructions on screen to activate your card.

It's free and makes it easier to retrieve your PIN code when needed, check your card balance, top-up your card, or block it if needed. You can easily attach your receipts and fill out payments' details while on the go!

💡 Admin rules:

If you're an Admin (Account Owner and/or Administrator), you can visualise and manage all your colleagues' cards by clicking on the Cards tab. You can also access a view of your own card by clicking on your avatar then on Physical Card.

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