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As an account owner, how can I confirm wire transfers?

Step 1: Select employees to reimburse and trigger the wire transfer

Go to the Expense claims tab and check what needs to be reimbursed. Select employees to reimburse, and then click on "Validate transfer".

Step 2: Validate the action on mobile

You will see a screen explaining that you need to open your mobile app to validate the operation.

Step 3: Obtain the operation on the mobile app

If your current device is active, you should receive a notification warning you about an operation to validate. When clicking on the notification, you're redirected to the page to validate the operation.

  • If you don't get any notification, you'll just have to open the app and authenticate: the page to validate the operation will be automatically displayed.

Step 4: Validate the action

If you click on "Validate", you'll be redirected to the authentication screen (see the Authentication flow article). Once the authentication is successful, you can see a success message on desktop and on the mobile app.

If you click on "Deny", you'll also need to authenticate, and a declined message will be displayed on desktop.

Note that every action has a 5-min validity period.

Step 4 bis - Alternate text message flow

  • If you can't/don't want to validate the operation on the app, you can choose the alternate text-message flow by clicking on "Use an alternate authentication method".

  • In that case, a code will be sent via text-message to validate the wire transfer. You'll just need to enter your code in the screen below ๐Ÿ‘‡

If you need any further info, contact our support team at support@spendesk.com!

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