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Spendesk cannot delete a payment that has been refused/cancelled by a user or merchant but appears as pending.

It's all done automatically: the payment line (authorization request) expires on average within 1-18 days, depending on how responsive the merchant is. It can sometimes go to 32 days (including weekends) but this is quite rare (about 1% of transactions).

Funds then go back to the company's wallet.

We recommend that you read this note to learn more about pending transactions.

➡️ Spendesk works exactly like a bank account. It displays the following transactions:

  • Those that are being processed or declined by the merchant in the "Pending Transactions" section of your "Payments" tab.

  • Those that have been settled by the merchant, in the "Payments of the month" section of the "Payments" tab.

What about pending receipts?

If you need to stop receiving email reminders to add receipts, use this feature until the lines disappear. Please note that only settled (=confirmed) payments are handled by your accounting teams, so pending payments' receipts don't count.

Let us know if you have any questions about this by contacting support@spendesk.com.

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