💻 Set up your company's Spendesk account

Take a couple of minutes to get started on Spendesk

28 articles

💻 Use your Spendesk account and edit your personal profile

All about your personal account: login, profil update, notifications

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⏞ Accounting

Bookkeep and export your Spendesk payments to your accounting software

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💼 Supplier invoices

Manage, pay and bookkeep your invoices with our Submit my Invoice easy-to-use feature

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🖇 Expense claims and Per Diem

Submit and manage your expense claims, mileage claims and per diem allowances

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💶 Questions regarding payments

Everything you need to know to smoothly pay online or offline

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📄 Spendesk cards

Learn our upper limits depending on your currency and your type of card.

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💳 Virtual cards

Get started with our virtual cards: request, generate, buy online in 3 clicks

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💳 Physical cards

Order, activate and pay-on-the-go with your Spendesk physical card

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⚙︎ Integrations with accounting software

Check our Xero, DATEV and Quickbooks integrations

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🔢 Budgets

All the information you need to know about the Budget feature.

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👜 Spendesk mobile app features

Working on-the-go? Download our mobile app and manage Spendesk in the twinkling of an eye

12 articles

Bookkeep 2.0

Get to know our new accounting interface!

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🔎 Spend reports & Insights

All you need to know to get accurate and timely spending reports.

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STARTERS: Set up Spendesk

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