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🟠 What kind of cards do we use?
🟠 What kind of cards do we use?

Find out how our virtual and physical cards work and their features.

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How do Spendesk cards work?

Are they different from the other payment cards in your wallet?

➡️ Let's deep dive!

Our cards in general

For European-based companies, we use the Mastercard network.

Our Spendesk cards are debit cards with systematic authorization (apart from UK-based entities and DKK/NOK/SEK cards).

US-based entities have VISA cards.

🙎‍♂️ Before any purchase, the merchant makes sure you have enough money on your card. It's how systematic authorization works. You cannot spend more money than what is loaded on the card / entity's account.

You can check our card limits below, depending on the first 4 digits of the card:

Spendesk virtual cards

For your online purchases, we offer two types of virtual cards:

Single-use cards are designed for single online purchase with a defined amount. They are valid for one month (but only for a few days when an authorization happens), helping to reduce the risk of fraud. Once your purchase is settled, the remaining funds on the card automatically return to your Spendesk account.

Regarding recurring payments cards: they are slightly different. They work with a monthly budget, reset automatically at the beginning of the month and are valid for 4 years. They're particularly useful to pay subscriptions or recurring expenses with the same merchant! Above 500 euros per transaction, 3DS is required.

A virtual card works like a physical card: it includes a 16-digit number, an expiration date and a CVV number. It also supports 3DS for usual online purchase verifications.

You can request virtual cards from your Spendesk account or from our mobile app.

Spendesk physical cards

If you need to activate the physical cards module, contact your Spendesk Customer Success Manager. 💡

Our physical cards work like classic Mastercards/VISAs: you have a secret PIN code that you receive by text-message upon the card's activation.

They are valid for three years.

To pay, you can either have a monthly budget defined by your manager (in this case, card is reloaded automatically during the day of the 1st of the month, depending on where you're based in the world), or if you run out of budget before the end of the month, you can always request a top-up from your Spendesk account or our mobile app.

After your first purchase, contactless payment is activated automatically. As for cash withdrawal, it is possible, but only if your manager activates it on your card. For the moment, we do not yet support Apple Pay or Google Pay technologies, but you can add your card to the app Curve and Curve to Apple pay.

Although not recommended for online payments, our physical cards are also equipped with 3DS.

And to easily manage your physical card, don't forget to download our mobile app!

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